Samuel Sharpblade

Yarr, the greatest Pirate in the Seven Skies! (Or so he thinks)


Player: Marcus Cope
Character Name: Samuel Sharpblade
Foible: Arrogant
Motivation: Good [ +2 ]: For Fame!
Nationality: Good [ +2 ]: Ilwuz
Swashbuckling Forte: Good [ +2 ]: Fencing
Standard Fortes: Good [ +2 ]: Gift (Thunderbird)
Good [ +2 ]: Wingman
Average [ +0 ]: Reputation
Average [ +0 ]: Repartee
Swashbuckling Forte of Fencing Techniques:
Idiom: Flashy
Weapon: Cutlass
Unchained Techniques:
Location: Shipboard

Training Points: 1


Background: Born in Ilwuz, Samuel Sharpblade always looked up to his father who took care of him and taught him the basics of life in Ilwuz. Sharpblade’s dream was to become a famous pirate like his father was. As soon as he was able, Samuel worked aboard The Raven’s Dream to learn to ply the trade. Nobody knows exactly what happened in the interim between his time on The Raven’s Dream and when he eventually started his own crew. The only hints as to what happened that his crew know of are the ornamental pistol he keeps with him that no one ever sees him use but always carries and the story he occasionally tells of the hellish week long flight he had in a wingcloak over nothing but the blue. Sharpblade normally claims the pistol is kept just for the extra votes whenever he decides to visit home, something else he’s quiet about, even when sloshed on the grog.

What is known is that he was able to captain his own ship due to the wonderful luck of arriving in the right port at the right time. A first mate was needed for a ship that had just earned a Letter of Marque for some noble seeking revenge against someone else. The details were unimportant to Sharpblade as luck played out for him, but not for the former captain, when on the seas the former captain was killed by an unlucky barrage. In that battle Sharpblade took over and boarded the opposing vessel to eventually take it as a prize. Sharpblade was then voted Captain by the crew. The ship continued its struggles until everything fell apart when the Letter of Marque was lost in an incident. Without it, the crew dispersed due to a lack of funds, thus throwing Sharpblade, who believed he’d made a name for himself, into a desperate situation looking for more work and some way to find the only place he’s ever felt safe, upon the deck of another ship.

Samuel Sharpblade

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